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Nowadays, the digital world has changed the behavior of many people, therefore, efforts to sell products, services or position a brand / company, should go hand in hand with them. And to clarify a bit the water in these moments of saturation for so much information, the leverage with professional influencers how they could be called @foodiesposos, is a practically essential tool to boost any business. Already constituted or in its start phases.      

    How to determine the type of influencers to use?

1) Do not be guided only by the number of followers.

2) Look at the interactions you have with your audience, if they write to you, if he responds to you, that is, the quality of interaction.

3) It is important that you belong to your same sector or similar. For example, if you are a restaurant, it is not convenient to have an influencer specialized in makeup and only talk about that type of products.

4) See if you are already working for your competition or not.

5) The influencer should give you certain statistics of his audience, such as: where they are, ages, sex, what they like and what they do not, among other aspects.

6) Evaluate the type of content it generates, do you see it more as an infomercial or as a person that creatively integrates the brand into its content?.

7) When you meet him and show him your products / services, check if there is feeling? Does that person show sympathy for your brand? This is very important, because the more you feel comfortable with your brand, the more comfortable you will perform your work. And that is reflected in the results.

8) How often do you publish?

Frequency is essential when hiring an influencer. In fact, collaborating with someone who is absent from social networks and who hardly shares content will not help you.

A good influencer makes publications regularly, and this favors engagement, impact and loyalty with his audience.

9) See your participation in the offline world.

The last aspect that will determine what influencer you need is to know your activity in the offline world. For example, do you attend events?

It is proven that many people attend any event that their favorite influencer goes to. Likewise, the relationship and links between the brand and the person will always be closer. The treatment will be more human.

10) Set a price or exchange:

Today there are already many ways to negotiate with the influencer. This comes largely by the type of it, or by its degree of popularity.

 It could be agreed a cash value or exchange for product and / or service. Everything will depend on the level of “influence” of the personal brand we want to hire and whether it already has a fixed rate or not.


If you are undertaking I advise you to lean on micro – influencers, they are people who specialize in a specific subject, enjoy a good reputation and a significant number of followers that could go from 2,000 to 20,000 people. Its quality of content and credibility is so good, that the probability of purchase through a recommendation of this person is very high.

As big benefits, the budget of these public figures is quite low and the impact is very high.

As a reference, what brands look for in influencers are authentic messages. Mainly those with specific niches (specialized in particular areas).

And to close, if you ask yourself how you can convince an influencer to know your brand, you just have to be honest, know what solutions and benefits your products and services could give him, as well as his followers.

In short, influence marketing has always existed, but nowadays it is becoming more professional and massified thanks to the democratization of easy access to digital communication channels … we are all a means!

Until the next post !!!

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