Combination between marketing and design

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The design has a very large weight within any business, be it on the website, in a brochure, in the design of a PPT presentation, in a digital mail signature, and the list goes on, but it is necessary to achieve balance with the marketing and design.

To achieve this balance, certain points must be taken into account, before opening the design program and “sticking it out”. These are the 4 points you must take into account to achieve the balance between design and marketing:

1.- Everything starts with your marketing base

Improvisation can be expensive, so it is best to have a base that allows us to know where the shots should go in order to make the best decision. By this I mean your ideal client since knowing who your best customer is, allows your business to have a north, then when you have to make a decision your first question will be: Does this help me get closer to my ideal client or not?

2. The message

Once we have the base of our business, what comes to know how to communicate the message well. Whether you need to modernize your website, or create a brochure, send a mail any prospect, among many other things, what you should have is always present your base message.

What does a basic message of my business mean? A basic message is the one that communicates to your ideal client or prospect what it is that we do and how we do it with selected (non-romantic) words that manage to capture and interest your potential client.

This base message allows you to use keywords within any design or marketing effort that generates that necessary click with the art reader to take it to a next step.

3.- Trial and error

Not all businesses have the same success with different design pieces. In some cases, a brochure may be a good way to communicate to your customers and for others not, and so on with other materials. The important thing is that when considering the combination between marketing and design achieve the particular balance for your own business.

For example, if your ideal client is an elderly gentleman digital may not be the best option, but some printed material if it is, and here returns the importance of knowing who we want to attract.

At the end of the day it is a trial and error, and if something you tried will not work do not worry, you did not lose, rather you learned what kind of efforts are working and which are not. At the same time you can see what type of design, word, form, photograph generates more click.

4- Unity in everything

A very important point is to maintain the same design line, which allows us to record our colors, the logo, forms, messages, etc. in our clients’ minds. This at the same time generates professionalism that customers perceive. Of course, this is just as important in its marketing and design.

“Perception is reality” That is why the message we communicate coupled with a good design are perfect allies for the business, remember that the design should be coupled with the content we want to communicate and not vice versa.

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